The POWER of the SUN

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a woman in sun

SUN… the star that burns and gives life .

He is the one who is destroying himself every moment of his life , to give warmth , light and power to all the beings on our planet .

Yes, if one has to personify this ball of fire , one can say that he is the father of all the beings on the planet. Without his fire, no life is ever possible on mother Earth.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to offer my gratitude to this great fire giant for keeping all of us warm , healthy and alive.

Let’s take a closer look at him with our curious eye

Shall we?

All the vibrance of life whether its plant , animal , insects or microbial , is all solar powered . Our enitre body functions , mental activity and the energy system behind it is very way powered by Solar energy . It is the solar energy which is manifesting in plants , animals and human beings. We can also say that we are just a very smaller fire ball with a body and a mind and we need to keep it charged either by eating , sleeping , exercise or yogic practices .

The most important thing for every human being is that how much solar energy does he or she have . All the digestive processes, reproductive processes , mental , physical , psychological and emotional activity that we perform depend upon essentially how much fire power is running in our body.

A very crystal clear example of this is before a person is declared dead , the doctor checks his body temperature , specially the nose and the neck area. If the nose and and neck region is getting cooler , then its the first sign that the person’s fire power is receding .

Less fire means less aliveness…isn’t it ?

So, its extremely important to keep the fire of the sun alive and on within ourselves all the time if one has to live a disease free , vibrant and a active life .

This brings us to a discussion of certain methods that can help us connect with the Power of


  1. Sun Bath

In my opinion , this method is the most widely used method to connect with Sun’s energy . Specially , people who live in extreme winter seasons for a long period of time understand the value of Sun bath much better . In winter season , all life comes to a certain hault . Its a hibernation time and everything seems to move slowly as there is less fire power of Sun for recharge available .

Many of the depression cases also happen during this period of time as people don’t tend to go out much , they are in their homes due to the cold weather outside , just sitting at one place , sleeping , not moving body much , all these things further result in less fire power in a human being . This can lead to a depressive state of mind over a certain period of time . Many old people are particularly susceptible to this .

So, when the summer comes , its beach time …isn’t it ?

a woman on a beach

Just lying on the beach with our bodies absorbing the heat of the Sun is an amazing way to reconnect with the fire power required to run our system . It also helps to rekindle the digestive and reproductive fire power in a human being .

Even if there is no beach available , just sitting in Sun’s early morning rays during a morning walk for a 15- 20 mins can help reboost the metabolism and help the system to work better.

2. Camp Fire

As fire is a direct manifestation of the solar energy on the planet , if one is living where there is not enough sun rays then one can connect with the Sun’s power by burning some firewood in homes or outside as a camp fire .

In most of the homes in europe or US , one can see a designated place for making fire . That is a very good thing because when it gets too cold outside , its important to burn some firewood to keep every one warm and healthy at home .

 a fire place

Almost all the diseases manifest in a human body due to low digestive fire . This digestive fire also called as JATHAR AGNI ( IN SANSKRIT) as per AYURVEDA is responsible to digest all the food that one eats . And this digestive fire is directly connected with the Sun’s energy .

So , a low metabolism or a low JATHAR AGNI simply means low fire power in the belly region . This situation can get worsen during extreme cold seasons . So , having some fire burning outside and absorbing some heat of that fire is a good way to keep the digestive fire maintained .

Hands , stomach and back work as a powerful receptors for absorbing the heat from the fire . One can experiment with this . Just sit near some camp fire or home made fire , put your hands in front of the fire at a comfortable distance . The hands should be placed such that the palms are exposed to the heat of the fire at a comfortable distance . Hold the hands near the fire for a few minutes and then take them back when they feel heated enough .

Then , keep the palms of the hands on your stomach and allow the heat to be aborbed by the stomach area . One can also expose his back region similarly and absorb the heat from the fire .

3. Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is a yogic process to connect with the Sun’s energy . It helps to fire up the system with the required amount of fire necessary for a healthy living . Surya Namaskar has got immense benefits for the system ranging from improved metabolism and strength in body, immunity booster ,improving the body posture , helps in improving the eye sight , enhanced lung capacity and others .

It is important to do Surya Namaskar under proper guidance .

Below is a video which explains the step by step process to do Surya Namaskar by a animated character of Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi .

The Indian Prime Minister is known for his leadership skills, ability to connect with people, his fitness and energy levels all across the world .

One of the reasons for this phenomenal energy levels as mentioned by him is due to a regular practice of Surya Namaskar .

Check it out …

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